- « When it is a question of doing a complete, efficient and professional inquiry I do business with Oligny & Thibodeau Inc. and that anywhere in Quebec the report is complete and permits me to take an excellent decision concerning the rental. There are quick and if I have any questions, they are readily available to answer them. »
Jonathan Balaguer

- « We thank you for your professionalism concerning the outstanding account in our ledger since 2013 and settled by your services in less than 2 months. »
Nadia Mondini, Administrative Assistant
STA Architectes

- « Thank you for the excellent pre-rental enquiry that you did for me. The report was given to me in no time and it was very thorough. I'm really glad I had an enquiry done on the tenant that wanted to rent my apartment. I'll definitely use your services again in the future! »
Amy Smith

- « Thank you for your excellent pre-rental reference inquiry, your suggestions are solid and it helps with our decisions.
Thank you. »
Patrick Léonard

- « Thank you very much for transmitting to me a good detailled report. I am glad to have found a good company for these inquiries. »
Quang-Tho Pham