Pre-Rental Inquiry in Canada and Ontario

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Oligny & Thibodeau Inquiry Services inc. is the best place in Canada to obtain an inquiry on your potential tenants. Every year, we carry out thousands of legal inquiries for landlords who are entirely satisfied with the results.

Oligny & Thibodeau Inquiry Services inc. stands out because of our competitive price of only $36.50 plus taxes per candidate and also because we don’t charge any membership fees.

If you send your completed inquiry by fax to 1 888 220-5695 or by e-mail to : before 11 a.m. eastern time, a detailed report will be returned to you between 4 :00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. eastern time to your e-mail address or fax which you indicated in part (A) of our form. This report includes a personalized suggestion with the details of the research that we did on the candidate(s) during the day. The inquiries are PAYABLE IN ADVANCE. Please transmit the credit card number and the expiry date of your Visa or Mastercard by e-mail to : or by calling 1 800 267-1519 extension 401 and mentioning (ACC) if you want us to put your credit card number in your file for future inquiries. A paid version of the invoice will also be sent with the completed report.

Report includes:

  • Detailed Credit bureau reports such as
    • Visa, Mastercard and many other creditors
    • Bank loans
    • Line of credit (credit margin)
    • Mortage
  • A thorough verification at the rental board
  • Legal verification
  • Present Landlord References
  • Previous Landlord References
  • Our suggestion ( The final decision is for you to decide)

Verify your potential tenants with Oligny & Thibodeau Inquiry Services inc. and you will get by far, the best solvency inquiry report available in Canada.

FORM: -rental/rental reference form