Commercial Inquiries in Canada and Ontario

All our services are available across Canada !

You wish to know who you will be doing business with? Nowadays, don’t trust just anybody.

Oligny & Thibodeau Inquiry Services inc. executes excellent commercial reports without any membership fees at the competitive price of only $60.00 + taxes.

Report includes:

  • Financial institutions: Line of credit, checks without sufficient funds among others.
  • Civil legal verification: Do they have legal procedures taken against them?
  • Do they pay their suppliers or, the people with whom they deal well?
  • Complete details of the legal constitution of the company: Does it really exist legally? Is it incorporated or, just registered? Are their annual reports up to date?

A complete answer will be sent to you in a written detailed report, that is recognized legally.

Oligny & Thibodeau Inquiry Services inc. does thousands of inquiries each year, which permits us to offer a competitive volume price on the market. Do like our current clientele and thousands of businessmen and women and you will come back referring us to others.

FORM: Commercial investigation reference form