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Collection of Personal and Commercial Accounts
Do you have debtors who waste your time and cause you such stress that you don’t know what to do anymore?
Let our professionals in the collection department take care of your malicious and exhausting debtors for you. If there is a one in a million chance of collecting, we will collect, keeping in mind, the realistic financial constraints of the creditor.

  • No membership fees
  • Free of collection fees if we don’t manage to collect.
  • We charge a commission fee from 15% to 25% from the amounts collected.

The Oligny & Thibodeau Collection Agency Inc. has been the leader in the collection industry in Canada since 1992. Thousands of CEOs, businessmen and women have returned satisfied for over 20 years.

A debtor owes you money!!
You send them letters and leave messages on their voicemail and they don’t want to take the time to call you back?
It looks like they are hiding from you!
Or perhaps, they repeatedly disregard their promise to pay you!!
You gave them your trust and now it seems as if they have disrespected you!

The Oligny & Thibodeau Collection Agency Inc. will take action in order to resolve the situation and offer you the best diagnosis to be executed by the following in order to REDUCE COSTS AND MAXIMIZE YOUR CHANCES OF SUCCESS.

No cost will be charged without your prior authorization: THERE ARE NO HIDDEN FEES!!.
We always act accordingly to the law.

Our permit number is: #400443


Technology and ICO Recovery program system :

We operate using a computer program system named ICO Recovery. The program has been precisely designed to help us engage in the recovery of unpaid debts. It thoroughly ensures the execution of each task in a methodical manner on a daily basis to maximize the possibility of obtaining a payment rapidly and efficiently on the part of the debtors.

With the ICO Recovery computer program system, we are able to know, every 24 hours, exactly which activity should be performed to ensure an effective follow-up of each of your files.

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