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Oligny & Thibodeau Collections Agency inc. and Oligny & Thibodeau Inquiry Services inc. are companies that have stood by their performance since 1992. Our companies never cease to be valued in the industry of inquiries and collection in Canada as Ontario and Quebec, the United States and Europe.

Oligny & Thibodeau Collections Agency inc. found a way to put in place the concept of putting everything under one roof with a complete inventory of services as regards to the collection of unpaid/overdue accounts and the prevention of financial loss for all its clients.

Oligny & Thibodeau Inquiry Services inc. offers a complete range of inquiry services respecting more than an efficient delay. The inquiry service offers the best prices on the market for pre-rental inquiries, pre-employment inquiries, commercial inquiries and criminal verification.

For many years landlords and employers, businessmen and women have all came back after trying just one inquiry due to their satisfaction and the great quality of our services.

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